10 Tips On Creating an Ecommerce Business Return Policy

Ecommerce Business Return Policy

With the advent of internet and e-commerce, you don’t have to take a day off or squeeze your shopping in to lunch break. All you need to do is go to your desired website and purchase what you want. It has its downside, too. You are unable to physically touch or feel the product when purchasing it. This is a challenge for both the customer and the business owner.

It is here that return policy comes in to action. As an e-commerce business owner, you owe it to your customer to have a return policy. Here are a few tips to create a return policy to ensure customer satisfaction.

Make Your Return Policy Known to Your Customers

The purpose of having a return policy is to forge a lifelong loyalty in your customers. Let them know that you have a return policy and that you are okay with them not liking a certain product. The best place to put your return policy is in your email, confirming the purchase. This will put the customer at ease, as he/ she will have the option to return the product if it is not up to mark.

Copy/Paste Doesn’t Work

Just like your product description, when you are jotting down your return policy, do not copy/ paste. It is not like one size-fits all situation. Each product is different and you may have different specifications for your policy. Try to include customer reviews, regarding your return policy, to make it relatable to your new customers.

Text Jargon is Not Needed

Use simple and plain English when you write down your return policy. You don’t want your customer to get irritated or jumbled up in long sentences. Use simple vocabulary and simple sentence structures to make it easy on the eyes!

Keep Everything in The Clear

Nothing puts a customer off than a hidden return cost. If you want your customer to pay the return cost, then make it very clear in your return policy. You would not want to lose a customer!

Time Limits for Return Policy

Now this is one tricky point. Your return policy should clearly indicate the time limit during which a product can be returned. It is very important that your customer knows about this time limit, as this gives the customer a deadline to decide whether he/ she wants to keep the product or not!

Return Policy for Damaged Products

State your return policy for damaged products separately. For a damaged or malfunctioning product, it is the responsibility of the business owner to either replace it or refund the cost to the customer.

Make Your Options Clear to Your Customers

So you have a number of options available to your customer and those include exchanging the product, giving them store credit or giving them a full refund. Make sure your customers know the available options, so that there is no discrepancy at the time of return.

Products That Can Be Returned

It is one thing to return a malfunctioning product and another to return a used and defective product. State clearly in your return policy what condition you expect the product to be returned in. A used item is a big no-no.

A Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff Makes the Difference

Your staff should be updated about the return policy. Being patient and polite with customers is the key to a successful business.

Be Prepared to Pay for Your Mistakes

If you messed up and shipped the wrong item or packed it poorly, man up and admit your mistake. Make it right and of course, don’t expect the customer to pay for it!

E-commerce Is the Way to Go Forward! Keeping A Clear-Cut Return Policy Ensures Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction!