Website design Trends for Bangladesh in 2015

Most of the peoples in Bangladesh especially business owners turning their eyes towards 2015 because of guess unlimited competitor will come in to the market and promote their products online. So business owners can consider the following points whenever they are going to re-design their website by website development company.
These are the top web design trends we be expecting to see in 2015 all across the digital landscape of the internet.

Responsive web Design:


Smart phone users increasing day by day, in 2015 almost 70% mobile users will use smart phone (Android or iPhone) in the same time 30% will use normal phone along with traditional desktops PC. Mobile phone user who browse website through the mobile phone also can be your valued customer as well as desktop user also, in that case if mobile phone user if they can’t see your website properly they may move their business elsewhere. Responsive website design can help your customer to view the website as per screen size its technology automatically fit the website as per customer device with full size view.

Flat web Design:


When we say responsive means it work backend I mean technical issue. But flat website design means it will be simple without patterns flash animation textures effects should look very simple but stylish and clean. The mail idea for that viewer can easily get the information from the web and in the same time it will load to the device very fast!

Single page more Scrolling:

Website with more pages is good for SEO (Search engine optimization) because it has more SEO Value however for more pages website is difficult to clicking on a mobile phone or tablet. In that case single page scrolling will help your visitors to use website easily as well as reduce loading time.

Large Images:

Image always provide the details idea about the content to the viewers. Now a day website page with large image is the fantastic way to catch customer attention very fast. But when you think about mobile or tablet user you must be programmatically resize the image according to device view size, in that case Bangladeshi professional website designers may help you.

Index page slider:


Remember 90% of website viewers left the site from index page after get important information, So you must added valuable information in the index page specially you can do it through slider but keep in mind don’t do it through flash file, you can do it programmatically, hire professional programmer to do it. All lucrative website has a professional hand behind to make them more compelling.

Now hope you got over all idea the trends of website design in 2015. The summery is ever growing mobile devices will dominate the web market so you must design your website responsive as well as simple and elegant. Don’t forget website should be first to download and I think according to my knowledge website professionals only can help you to grip the market under your hand.