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Ecommerce Business Return Policy

10 Tips On Creating an Ecommerce Business Return Policy

With the advent of internet and e-commerce, you don’t have to take a day off or squeeze your shopping in to lunch break. All you need to do is go to your desired website and purchase what you want. It has its downside, too. You are unable to physically touch or feel the product when purchasing it. This is a challenge for both the customer and the business owner. It is here that return policy comes in to action. As an

hurdles ecommerce business

The Hurdles of Starting an E-commerce Business

Starting an online business may seem like an excellent idea and rightly so. Unlike a regular business, your online business stays put 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year! What’s there not to like about it, right? Setting up an e-commerce website gives a major boost to your business and keeps your global customers in close proximity. However, setting up an e-commerce website comes with its set of challenges and hurdles. The first step to a successful

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11 Steps to Start an Online Business

Internet has taken our lives by the storm and has made life easy, hence it is no surprise that many online businesses have popped up over time and are running successfully, as well. But how does that work and is it as easy as it seems? Here we discuss how you can start an online business in 11 steps, and rest assured, it is manageable! 1. Being ‘Unique’ Matters! So, you love making children clothes at home or love baking cookies, but so

Digital Marketing 101

Marketing Your Ecommerce Business: Digital Marketing 101

Marketing your product, service or overall ecommerce business is very important. In fact, no ecommerce business can flourish or expand until and unless it gets the aid of proper online marketing. The world of online marketing is vast. There are several sub-divisions of online marketing; all effective and meaningful in their own respective way. Selling products online is not very different than the traditional way of creating a shopping experience for the customers. However, ecommerce business is definitely a lot more

Why SEO Important for Your Online Business

Why is SEO Important for Your Online Business

Why SEO should be needed for a brand new website or an online business? This is a very common question asked by many. SEO is a quick process to rank a website within a very short period and reach your targeted audience to sell your products and services online. If you aren’t able to grab your potential clients, then how can you sell your product or services well? SEO in Bangladesh: SEO is now considered as a buzz word in Bangladesh! There are many

Overcome Online Business Challenges

7 Ways to Overcome Online Business Challenges

Setting up a business in the online world is a huge challenge. It takes a lot more time, effort and expertise to establish and expand any business online. This we speak in comparison to land-based businesses that are physical in nature. It is thus crucial that every last facet is explored and pondered upon before a business is set up and expanded online. Here, we talk about the 7 most common online business challenges that you might need to overcome. Particularly

Increase Sales in Ecommerce Website

What to do to Increase Sales in Ecommerce Website

Since Ecommerce websites are such an important constituent of the online businesses these days, it becomes very important to know how to increase sales for the ecommerce websites as well. Everyone wants their businesses to flourish and expand. Hence, if you are also looking for effective ways to increases sales, increased profit margins and are aiming to engage more traffic audience – this article brings you some of the top ways to do it all! Increase Sales for Your Ecommerce Website If you

11 Reasons Your Business Needs An Ecommerce Website?

Ecommerce is the new ‘it’ for businesses these days. Not only does it plays a role to substantially boost the physical sales for businesses, but is also playing a major role in shaping the digital sales for firms. For instance, a recent analysis of business companies in Bangladesh revealed that the companies with their own ecommerce websites enjoy at least 34 to 38 percent more sales profits on annual basis. In this article, we explore the 11 basic ways in which your