Bangladesh, Your Next Outsourcing Destination

With over 160 million in population, Bangladesh has recently become one of the most popular Outsourcing destination services alongside other Asian countries.

Bangladesh is now producing more skilled manpower that is focused on delivering high end IT related services than any other country compared. This is due to the countries recent changes in policies by the government that support outsourcing.

Outsource to Bangladesh

More and more universities and institutes are producing skilled individuals that are geared appropriately to deal with international competition. Their upbringing includes special focus on English language to deal with western clients and customers appropriately.

One of the biggest reasons to outsource to Bangladesh is due to its superior infrastructure. People enjoy uninterrupted internet access and power. This makes the country crucial because many others in the same region are dealing with energy crisis.

If you’ve been looking to outsource your projects to an Asian country, we welcome you with the following reasons that may are benefitting for your organization:

Cost advantage

When working with Bangladesh, you can expect huge cost benefits. The minimum wage in the country is quite less than compared to popular western countries. This means you get to work with highly skilled individual with almost half the cost that you would otherwise pay to natives.

Language advantage

with almost every university and education institute now making English as mandatory language, Bangladesh has effectively dealt with communication gaps.

The individuals who leave university understand not only the field of their work, but now can deal with international clients on a more emotional level.

Expert IT and BPO services

Bangladesh has been blessed with a government that officially supports the IT sector of the country. The government has taken action to ensure that every Outsourcing company in Bangladesh in the state hires individuals with certification that proves their skills.

Understanding of latest technology

with ever increasing technology advancement, a lot of countries lack the proper understanding of advanced technologies the western countries.

Bangladesh has a natural talent when it comes to dealing with high end technology. This is because the government is taking steps to turn the country into complete digital by 2020. Hence the people have taken keen interest in software and technology that are in demand all over the world.


Popular choice

Western countries are already working with several Bangladeshi companies and have been working since over 20 years. This makes the country a great choice for outsourcing services because people here have taken interest in this fast growing industry.

You get individuals who are trained well in the IT industry and show a lot of growth potential.

Young generation – Bangladesh is a young country; hence its country men are also young. The 60% task force of the country is still under their 25th year. This makes them a great choice to work with because these individuals are keen and able to learn new things easily.

These are just some of the reasons why you should be working with Bangladesh as your next outsourcing destination.