Professional Website Design and Development Company in Chittagong, Bangladesh

Welcome to XCEED InfoTech, a webdesign & development company based in Chittagong, Bangladesh that specialize in offering a complete web/mobile/desktop solutions to both onshore and offshore clients.

Over the past 7 years, we have designed and developed “customized,” “cost-effective,” and highly “responsive,” web designs and software in wide range of niches, including small & large businesses.

Our main services include:

  1. Website design
  2. Web development
  3. Software development
  4. Web Hosting and
  5. Website Registration

If you’re in need of a website/software design, re-design, and development, simply contact us for customer support or call us at +88-0182-383-3897 to learn how we can help transform your ideas into reality.

Our Clients:

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Over 800 Projects Completed Within Last 7 Years

Over the past 7 years, we have completed over 800 custom desktop/web/mobile applications for clients residing inside and outside of Chittagong, Bangladesh.

In addition to creating a website design, we help you to identify your core values/vision to build a strong corporate identity (branding) so that you stand out from the crowd and offer unique products and services to your clients.

Let us create a strong brand image for your business

  1. Simply use the contact form or call us @ +88-0182-383-3897 to tell us exactly more about your business, its vision, and core strengths
  2. Our team of expert counselors will help devise a sound plan to meet the requirements both in terms of design and content
  3. We’ll send you the “blueprint” of the initial web design through an email or a link to an URL
  4. After final confirmation, our team will start to design, develop, and test the system online, taking active feedback from you.
  5. We will launch your website and teach you how to use it and get the most out of it for FREE. We also offer 6 months of free web site design and development maintenance services.

We not only design “attractive” and “welcoming” web designs, but we’ll also help them market themselves by making your website design search engine friendly (SEO-friendly) so that your website will rank higher than your competitions, and you’ll generate more online revenues, really fast.

Interested for a web site design and development services in Chittagong, Bangladesh? Contact us or call us @ +88-0182-383-3897 for a FREE web design and development quote, starting NOW!